About Us

Development of Herbal extractions

All of our extractions are, developed under a basic principle and motto.

Principle: To develop only herbal extractions without any chemical content and preservatives. 

Motto:  Preparation of external applications to keep the motto of maximum reduction of internal medication for a healthy life.

Preventia Herbals

Preventia herbal includes two units


Herbal Products

Preventia food

herbal and natural food supplements

Herbosure & Preventia foods are the herbal units of Preventia Group to produce and
promote 100% herbal support for preventive and healthcare support.

Behind the developments

As a part of BPM Therapy researches, our doctors were guided into ancient marma sastra and the effectiveness of external applications.  Depending on various cases they started treatments based on our ancient marmsastra principles to know the effectiveness. To reduce the internal medication they started using the herbal extractions along with the BPM Therapy procedures to stimulate and modulate neuro transmissions and blood channelizing using Tridosha principle of Ayurveda.  70% medicines are prepared only for pressure point  applications, and to be used strictly under a physician.  The most important factor of these preparations is that it can be used by any discipline of treatments. Mr. Hareesh, The founder & Director of ' An Illuminator' guided this venture, which he acquired from his long travel, and his own experiences through his natural rejuvenation procedure.

Affiliation with 'An Illuminator'

At present scenario, all of our products are developed by 'An Illuminator'. An Illuminator -the knowledge hub,  is developing the things  to connect  with past and future. The team 'An Illuminator ' includes doctors from various departments,  pharmacologists, senior research directors and their medical team.

Mr Hareesh AS, The founder of Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy, is the promoter of An Illuminator. Major herbal applications are formulated and developed under his observation and monitoring.

Mr Hareesh A S( Managing Director ,Herbosure)
Ms Prameela Prasad (Director ,Herbosure)