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Herbal preparations only for external application with 100% natural mechanisms. Major methodology is connected with the preparation stages using Arka, Lunar & solar enforcement and classical extraction methods.


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Wellness Products

Mint Mix

Mint Mix can provide a spontaneous solution for your aches and pains due to strain and stress. It is a good massage oil also to help more muscular support, in general and arthritic conditions.


Eye related pain, sinus issues, sinus related headache.


Harsha is a unique product innovated by ancient siddha tradition, it is effective in managing neuropsychiatric issues, over discharge issues in women, and gastric issues. In mental health area it is highly beneficial for stress management, sleep disorders, and refreshment therapies.


Fuhrer is a herbal extraction based on virgin coconut oil, musk and holy basil as major ingredients. It is a sparkling massage oil and good for massage parlors and self-massage. Good to increase peripheral circulator system and skin texture. In few cases the doctors observed a wonderful support in body odor.


This eyewash carries the cooling and medicinal effect of Triphala to wash your eyes regularly. Triphala (“three
fruits”) is an Ayurvedic herbal ‘arka’ formula consisting of equal
parts of three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amalaki (Emblica
officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia

Zen Drops

Neuro relaxation
Supplementary therapy support for neuro-psychiatric conditions
anxiety control
Better sleep

Alleviate Roll-On

Alleviate is a herbal oil for better Relaxation, Sleep and Mind. Suitable for daily application in stressed time or daily bed time. 

Pain & Arthritic care


In therapeutic area nidan is being used for general pain relief and muscle relaxation . For diagnosis purpose it is used for finding the neurological blocks which is the cause for pain


General application for removing blocks in circulation, mainly used for all circulatory disorders.

Sp. Mix

SP.MIX is especially beneficial for preventive arthritic care and strengthening joints and muscles. It can work excellently to reduce redness and swelling in joints.


Arthro care is mainly designed for improving Joint flexibility in arthritic conditions, decreases pain, aching, and stiffness.

Allergic & Immunity care


This nasal drop is prepared from the leaves of the Vepris tree (Family: Rutaceae) that is freshly sourced from Northeast India. This drop cleans the sinuses of mucus.


It is a herbal mix which is useful for body detoxification particularly lungs, skin and blood. It has a penetrating action in to Asthi dhathu; hence it is effective in treating asthi dathugatha vyadi


A ginger based immunity drop, that boosts immunity level. Ginger is known as the ‘Indian Ginseng’ and has multiple proven medical properties. The drop contains ginger essence and other herbal extracts.

Rasna vilwadi

It is a unique formula prepared mainly for chest congestion.

Brain gym & mental health


Simple one drop application, in C 1 area, back of the neck.   Good for IT sector, students, accountants to support their brain enhancement.  It is an excellent Brain gym  supporter for 40+ for preventive memory loss support.

Jatamansi inhaler

Use for inhalation. Better with a hookah. 

Jatamansi Lepam

It’s a neuro tonic, anti epileptic, anti convulsant medicine .Highly effective combination for neuro-psychiatric areas without any side effects. It is a specialist medicine for external application.

Better Food & Diet


Carenerg is a wellness product to get energy instantly. It is developed for daily usage (1 or 2 tsp) after your hectic work, fitness session or as part of your daily routine.


Aids in general health improvement and nutrition supplementary. it is also suitable for improvement of vital force. Suitable for lactating support ,better during pregnancy period.

Amalika Prasa

Natural brain tonic,blood purifier and skin glow improvement.


It improves immunity and brain strength.

Ginger oil

Anti aging also supportive for stomach cleansing gastric issue.

Life-style support

Virgin coconut oil

This virgin coconut oil is extracted using the cold pressed method.

CLV oil

It is a unique product prepared for breast toning. And also helpful to treat aclasia cardia

Alo E Vita

ALOE VITA is a unique paste prepared for skin care which contains goodness of aloe vera and  vitamin E


Fascino is a paste made by all herbal ingredients with no chemicals added in it and it is effective in treating skin issues and managing healthy skin

Aloe-vera gel

ALOE VERA gel mainly useful in skin problems

Sandal powder

Sandal powder is made in pure form by using sandal wood and is widely used in treating many diseases, and relaxation therapies.

Glands & Hormone modulation


Thyrophyl is a unique preparation which is effective in treating glandular issues and regulates them.

Stimulant oil

Good for instant stimulation with reflex point application. 

System Cleansing


It is a natural detoxifier, stress reliever and complete kidney care.

Herbal root mix

It is a root mix which helps for detoxification body; it has to be consumed by preparing kasahaym in empty stomach.

Gokshura powder

Gokshura facilitates the outflow of toxins accumulated in the first and second chakras.  Its diuretic action flushes the urinary tract while also nourishing and moistening the mucous membranes.  It rejuvenates the reproductive glands, enhances sexual virility, and balances the hormonal levels of the nervous system promoting longevity.